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Seagull Pest Control

Seagulls can become a nuisance when not controlled, there are many ways to control this problem, however finding the suitable solution can sometimes become difficult, Effective Bird Control are here to help!


What problems do Seagulls cause?

Anywhere you go, a Seagull will most likely be lurking around and have no problem causing a ruckus; blocking gutters, creating a wide range of irritating noise and the mess that they produce can become dangerous. Another easy solution which people don’t realise is that when you feed seagulls, this will encourage their presence, which isn’t what we want. Seagull’s produce faeces/dropping’s which can become harmful and dangerous towards human health – many people don’t realise that the faeces contain Enterococcus which can lead to developing antibiotic-resistant infections.


Advice on Controlling Seagulls

Effective Bird Control are proud to be an Environmental Services Company who works with nature, not against it. Some of the main solutions to prevent seagulls include: installing seagull spikes, reducing the amount of waste dropped on the floor and ensuring that waste is stored appropriately. The Seagull Spikes will be an effective preventative measure due to their ability to restrict the amount of space the seagulls have to land on surfaces/ledges on buildings, these can be installed onto any type of building with the correct tools and expertise which we are able to offer. Reducing the amount of waste dropped onto the floor will effectively lessen the volume of seagulls scavenging around for food.


What we can do to prevent Seagulls

If people actively try to get rid of seagulls, this will be a step towards reducing the number of seagulls causing trouble around properties, hanging around unnecessarily and avoiding the irritating noise. Instead of choosing to throw your waste on the floor, it would be useful to find the nearest bin.


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