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Pigeon Pest Control

Commonly known as Rock Doves, Pigeons are widely considered as irritating and a nuisance to the public. Their company is vastly unwelcomed, especially when nesting in and around our properties. Once a Pigeon has secured a spot, they begin to settle, nest and reproduce, leaving the cycle to continue from generation to generation. Therefore, it is crucial to handle the pigeons when they are first seen. Effective Bird Control are the go to company for Pigeon Removal throughout the UK. Enquire now,


Pigeon Nest Removal

Nesting is not the only issue, Pigeons are likely to produce faeces which can be extremely damaging to a property.
The removal of pigeon guano (bird excrement) from the both the interior and exterior of a buildings is extremely important. It’s not just the unpleasant appearance of bird guano, but also the diseases infested in it. In addition, when installing deterrents, it is highly important that the site is thoroughly cleaned to ensure the anti-nesting products perform effectively. It is essential to stop the smells of pigeon guano to reduce other pigeons detecting it and settling in the same spot.


Laws Regulating Pigeons

Laws regulating feral pigeons and other wild birds in the UK, are legislated by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). This Act deals with all matters regarding the control and management of wildlife.
Yet, DEFRA does not provide any ‘pigeon control services’, or are they responsible for the havoc caused by these wild birds. Owners of the property are ultimately responsible for dealing with the problems caused by pigeons.
However, at Effective Bird Control we offer a wide range of bird control solutions to prevent pigeons and other types of birds from fouling and settling on buildings and structures.


What Attracts Pigeons?

Despite pigeons not being domesticated, they are still fearless of us humans and are not afraid to approach us when they feel like it. We have always had a close bond with pigeons and it is with this confidence, they can settle and nest in and around our properties.

Like most pets, they look for safe areas located near a constant food source to inhabit. They typically arrive in flocks, meaning once a nesting place is secured, it can tend to be difficult to remove them. However, Effective Bird Control provides several solutions to control unwelcome pigeons.


How to Deter Pigeons

Although Pigeons themselves are harmless, they can create a great amount of damage to your property, introducing disease-bearing ticks and mites, causing us further grief. At Effective Bird Control we take a zero-tolerant approach to feral pigeon removal. We focus on:

Anti-roosting spike strips – Effective bird control will install this once you have enquired. You can attach these to any spot that a bird may want to perch. This will discourage pigeons and other birds from settling.

Pigeon Netting – Can cover any areas where pigeons wish to settle, and it comes in many shapes and sizes.

Hawk Kites – Many companies use these to deter pigeons and other wild birds. These kites soar high in the sky and can be seen from miles away. This accustomed hawk is highly effective as it is the birds’ natural fear of prey.

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