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Football stadiums are a known haven for all types of Pest Birds, including: Starlings, Feral pigeons, Wood Pigeons, Collard Doves, Gulls and Crows. Roosting, Nesting and feeding opportunities are all to be found at the stadium. Our main objective is to reduce and prevent the amount of birds nesting and producing faeces in these areas.

Within our football stadium falconry control programme, we also provide pigeon trapping and netting which also increases the effectiveness of the falconry Bird pest control programme. Any type of bird becomes a problem when they aren’t controlled and that is why our team at Effective Bird Control are here to help you.


What Attracts Bird Pests to Football Grounds?

Food and Litter – Football grounds are notorious for the great amount of food and litter they leave on the ground. Eager football watchers who enjoy a meal mid-game but won’t put it in the bin when they are finished, are ultimately catering the needs of birds, encouraging them to settle. It is essential to clear up food and litter as it gives birds an incentive to roost.

Wide and Open Spaces – Football grounds use up a large amount of land, meaning that birds have a large space to roam and cause trouble for spectators when watching matches. Football stadiums however, are built with a wide roof structure covering most of the ground. For this reason, birds enjoy nesting in small, unobtrusive spaces in the roof to hide away from predators.


Pigeon Guano

At Effective Bird Control, we have a proven track record of clearing and controlling pest bird activity at stadiums, with regular Hawk flying visits taking control of the infestation we can keep pest birds low and therefore the amount of droppings/pigeon guano deposited within the stadium and spectator seating will be kept at bay. When people turn up at a football stadium, they don’t expect to be sat down surrounded by faeces produced by feral pigeons, not only are they unsightly but it causes further health problems due to the occurrence of air-borne diseases.As a result of installing specific deterrent devices to football stadiums, we guarantee that you will witness a clear improvement in the number of droppings in the walkways and on the seating areas. Not only will this make the football stadiums look more aesthetically pleasing but also, reduce cleaning costs making it a no-brainer situation when it comes to bird Control!


Devices to Deter Birds from Football Stadiums

There are a variety of different devices which can be used to deter birds away from stadiums, the birds can be very disruptive when they aren’t controlled. The most common deterrent services we implement include:
Hawk Flying – Harris hawks flown on sites at peak times of pigeon activity creating a predatory presence. Only proven experienced bird control hawks are brought on site and once we are in the football ground, their will be an experienced Hawk controller walking around pigeon infested areas, encouraging the falcons to scare them off. Two Harris hawks will be brought on the site with one experienced Falconry Bird controller.

Trapping Flock Reduction – We supply pigeon traps as a part of our falconry pigeon control service. We locate them on site on a rooftop of a building they are baited with corn and drinking water provided by us. Traps are checked daily, which eventually reduces the size of the feral pigeon flock within the area.

Hawk Kites – Many of our clients who have implemented this method, ask us to also fit and supply hawk kites when falcons are not present on site. However our kites are not a standalone method. We have found that kites are only effective if a hawk is flown within that area of a regular basis.

The need for regular visits is a paramount in early stages in order for results to be efficient and long-lasting. However, once we have passed this stage, fewer visits will take place, and very few pigeons will be found within the hawk patrolled area. As a professional bird control company, our mission is to disrupt the pattern of pest birds using highly trained hawks and uniquely to us the combined measure of Trapping/Flock reduction at no extra cost to the client.


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We have worked with football teams such as; Tottenham Hotspur, Norwich City and Crystal Palace F.C. who have all had a problem managing their bird pests. However we do not just work with stadiums. It is our mission to control any area which is infested with pests. So if pigeons and other wild birds are invading your ground, however big or small, our specialists at Effective Bird Control are here to help.

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