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Football stadiums are a haven for Pest Birds, Starlings, Feral pigeons, Wood Pigeons, Collard Doves, Gulls, Crows, All like to nest inside the roof structure and deposit droppings on the spectator seating below, Roosting, Nesting and feeding opportunities are all to be found at the stadium.

We have a proven Track record at clearing and controlling pest bird activity at stadiums, flying harris hawks singly and together we create a predatory presence within the stadium, with regular Hawk flying visits taking control of the infestation, keeping pest birds low and amounts of Droppings/Pigeon guano deposited within the stadium and spectator seating, Saving Time, Expense cleaning droppings from fouled areas.

Within our football stadium falconry control programme, we also provide pigeon Trapping and Netting which also increases the effectiveness of the falconry Bird pest control programme.

Hawk Flying

Harris hawks flown on sites at peak times of pigeon activity creating a predatory presence, Hawks to scare feral pigeon flock and Harris hawks to be fitted with radio transmitters and GPS location systems for ease of location of errant birds, Only proven experienced bird control hawks brought on site, Hawks trained to follow bird controller as he walks around pigeon infested areas using a whistle on
occasion to call back hawk to teh fist for food. 2 Harris hawks are brought on the site with 1 experienced Falconry Bird controller, Hawks can fly together or singly.

Long-Term Projection

Flying of birds of prey outside a building is a long term bird control measure, the need for a regular visits is paramount in the early stages. Usually the first month to establish a predatory presence, This will set the precedent for the future bird control programme leading to fewer visits. Less time taken on each visits and very few pigeons within the hawk patrolled area. As a company we understand the
behaviour patterns of pest birds and disrupt that pattern using highly trained hawks and uniquely to us the combined measure of Trapping/Flock reduction at no extra cost to the client.

Trapping Flock Reduction

As part of our falconry pigeon control service, we supply pigeon traps, We locate them on site on a rooftop of a building they are baited with corn and drinking water provided, Checks are made on each of our falconry bird control visits and trapped pigeons removed off site. This reduces the size of the feral pigeon flock within the area and compliments the bird control programme using hawks but visits would have to be made more than once as pigeons cannot be left within a trap for more than 24 hours. On many of our current bird control sites we implement this method and it has proven effective, also we have been asked to fit and supply hawk kites to some of our clients, basically to prevent pigeons from settling for times when we are not on sites with hawks. Hawk kites are not a stand alone method, we have found that kites are only effective if a hawk is flown within that area of a regular basis.

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