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Falconry Days

At Effective Bird Control, our extensive Falconry programme is perfect for any type of individual, we also cater for small or large party sizes so if you’re looking for a unique party idea, contact us. The aim of these is to inform, teach and educate people on what falconry is, as well as being able to train people in being responsible for owning and flying Falcons.


What is a Falconry Day like?

The Falconry Days we offer at Blackwater with Effective Bird Control are a brilliant day out option for any individual who has an interest in birds or is simply looking for a fun day out with their friends, family or even colleagues. Our specialists at Effective Bird Control have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to these magnificent creatures. The delivery of the falconry day will not leave you disappointed and will leave with a new-found love for all thing’s birds!

Falconry is the keeping and training of falcons or other bird of prey, as well as the sport of hunting with such birds. In recent years, our Falconry Days have become increasingly popular and have been a great hit with children on school trips and even corporate team building days.

Come down to one of our falconry days to see our splendid creatures soar through the skies at spectacular speeds! Perhaps watching isn’t enough for you and instead you’d like to meet the birds close at hand. If so, you can get a chance to become an expert and handle our fantastic feathered hunters yourself. Our team will be on hand to guide you through this process and if you’re feeling particularly knowledgeable, ask our team for some interesting facts about falconry!


The Hawks and Falcons We Fly

Immerse yourself in the world of birds! This is your opportunity to witness the stealth and power of the lords of the sky – watch as they fly through the air with grace and incredible speed. Our team at Effective Bird Control fly hawks to secure effective bird control. The hawks we fly include; Harris Hawk, Hybrid Falcons, Lanner Falcon, Merlin, Peregrine Falcon and Sparrowhawk.

Each of these majestic creatures have carried out a series of training to ensure they have the best possible chance of success. Different types of Hawks will vary in size, height and weight, meaning that the choice of hawk can be selected in relation to the type of activity they are going to be carrying out. As the years go on, more people are unleashing birds of prey into the sky – it is used as an effective and efficient bird control method because the birds causing issues – usually pigeons or gulls – will see these as a threat and immediately remove themselves from the premises.


Falconry Bird Control

On their days off our birds are either resting, training or are at our flight displays – they’ve even featured in music videos! However, aside from this, you can find our birds hard at work with us, trying to deter smaller birds from roosting in various properties. Our team like to ensure that the training we give the birds is of impeccable quality, meaning that we can offer customers a service they can’t fault!
A falcon at present quickly makes chosen roosting areas undesirable for smaller birds. They soon scatter from properties and establish a new nesting site away from your premises. Our fantastic falcons operate quickly and seamlessly, whilst following the direction from the Effective Bird Control team. If you happen to attend one of our falconry day programs, whether it be seminars, Hawking days and displays, you’ll be sure to see them in action!


How can I get involved?

Come up close and personal with our impressive falcons at one of our falconry days. Discover the skills needed to develop great relationships with these extraordinary creatures, and if you’re feeling confident you can even handle them yourself! Our falconry displays are the best way to spend your day. Whether it’s by yourself, with friends, family or co-workers, you can be sure to have a fantastic time!
Any person interested in this type of event should visit our main website at http://www.newworldfalconry.com/ We also cater for the media and photographers, please contact us for more information.

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