We provide an ongoing Pigeon control service using Hawks and Trapping to Dorset house a large apartment block in the heart of London, This exclusive residence is in an area of high Feral pigeon density, A large area to cover we use 2 Harris hawks flying as a team with 2 Bird controllers in attendance to deter infestation. A number of Pigeon traps are placed on the roofs and to date we have removed over 100 birds, Flock reduction is all we can hope for here, with the Hawks acting as a visual deterrent scaring pigeons from the area and Traps reducing flock size.


This is one of a number of Schools we provide a Falconry pigeon deterrent and Trapping service too, combining the effectiveness of Trapping and using Hawks to prevent Pigeon infestation and build up, The school had a problem from a large flock of pigeons roosting and fouling areas of the school, Caretakers were having to clean up the resultant droppings on a daily basis. We placed Pigeon traps in suitable locations and within a couple of visits, the traps were starting to fill, We removed over 70 pigeons from the school and provided Hawk deterrent using a team of Harris hawks for a further 10 visits, Positive feedback was received and caretakers reporting a lot less Pigeon droppings to clear.


We provide an ongoing cleaning service to a Large National Solar panel panel company, Our Bird control hygeine operatives clear and clean the roofs and gutters of Pigeon droppings once the Solar array has been removed, Feral pigeons are attracted to these Solar panel arrays, as they provide shelter and a safe nesting environment, Pigeon droppings and Nest material builds up, Causing blockage of the guttering system and Feral pigeons mating activity underneath the array can disconnect wiring causing ineffective running and loss of system performance.

Our cleaning operatives clean the roofs and guttering Nationwide quickly and cost effectively.


We supplied our Hawking Bird control service to Abellio Greater Anglia. A pest control company asked if we could provide an effective Pigeon control solution at a mainline rail station in Norwich, Norfolk. We conducted a Site survey and Costing and got underway. Harris hawks were flown inside the station under the canopy areas and station concourse, Persuading Feral pigeons from entering and depositing their droppings on the floor below. Two Feral pigeon traps were also included and placed in likely pigeon holding areas. Results were excellent, a great improvement with no pigeons seen on the station floor and numbers of pigeons entering as minimal. Harris hawks were flown Late evening and Early morning over a two month period. Traps caught a small number of birds and the Hawks did the rest. Shooting was used previously to cull the pigeons but proved inpractical and Non effective.

Since Hawks were brought in the Station is virtually Pigeon free with a lot less Pigeon droppings to clean up. Station staff still report Pigeon numbers as low and Hawking will be adopted from now on to control pigeons inside the station at Norwich.


We were asked to provide a Pigeon pest control solution, for The Old Smithfields building in London, These old listed buildings were empty and awaiting a decision by developers as to their future. Meanwhile Pigeons were entering the buildings in numbers and fouling all areas with Pigeon droppings.

We flew on a regular basis two Harris hawks, flying as a team they kept the pigeons from entering, and on some occasions kept them from ever getting out again, The Hawks were an extremely effective deterrent, catching a number of birds inside and keeping the interior clean from any Pigeon guano build up. This is an ongoing project as the buildings remain empty.


A construction company that specializes in the renovation of Clubs, Pubs and Bars contacted us regarding a Pigeon guano cleaning issue within a Nightclub that was being renovated in Bournemouth, The project needed to be completed within a strict Time window and our operatives rose to the challenge. Several areas of deep, Dried Pigeon guano was found within, and in one particular location it was over 2 foot deep a build up of droppings over several years, We completed this project within 2 days and within budget, Once all the guano was removed work could be completed by the construction company.