Our Top Tips for Gull Control

Our Top Tips for Gull Control

Seagulls traditionally nest in seaside and coastal surroundings, however we have recently seen a change in nesting sites and have identified an increasing presence of gulls in urban areas.

Prompting this change is the growing abundance of city food sources, and the incentive of safety where seagulls and their chicks are free from prey and predators.

Do Your Research on Gull Control

Before you can finally take control and reduce the amount of gulls, we recommend cluing yourself up on all seagull facts. Controlling them is the first step to prevention as this can be the most effective method to inhibit future perching within developed areas.

Types of Gulls – The UK inhibits a variety of Gulls, some most commonly known as the Herring, Kittiwake and yellow-legged gull. Depending on the species, characteristics will vary and adaption to nesting sites will differ – it is crucial to see what type of gull you are handling, as they’re behavioural interaction can be harmful and when challenged seagulls can tend to be vicious!

Legislation – The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 contributes to legislation regarding bird control and the protection of some feral birds. Pest control companies need to abide by the regulations implemented by the national government, which prohibits cruelty and violence upon reducing flock in industrial and rural settings – Seagulls are a protected species.

Seasonal Impact

Throughout certain times during the year, gulls will nest more profusely and habitually. Summer being a popular season for seagulls as they like to nest inland, nearer to the coast, and Spring being their customary breeding season – gulls are active throughout the entire annuum; with each season having a different behavioural impact.

Spring – The transition from coastal sites to suburban areas comes as a result of their breeding season beginning in April. Their aggression is a serious concern during mating season as they become obscenely protective over their offspring and if the gulls believe that their eggs are in any type of danger, their hostility becomes most apparent, which is alarming for people who struggle to control these bothersome birds.

Summer – Once their eggs have been laid, it usually takes up to three to four weeks for their offspring to hatch in June. From August onwards, chicks will start to leave the nest, however they will return to their original nesting site when they want to start their own families – which may be a problem if you have noticed gulls roosting on your property.

Winter – Gulls will move to warmer climates during the Winter months as they need to protect their body from the arctic temperatures, which can have a detrimental impact on their health and wellbeing. This is why they gravitate towards residential areas, which produce thermal insulation, resulting in a greater warmth for our feathered friends – this is why so many seek seagull deterrents for flat roofs in the colder season!

Equipping Your Site

Seagull removal and deterrents can efficiently eradicate flocking and nesting on your site over a lengthy duration if performed properly – here are some tips to adequately equip and bird-proof your site:

Hiring the Experts – When controlling gulls, the proofing of your property is a highly specialised skill which requires the intervention of professionals with years of experience dealing with unruly and gulls. Hiring experts to competently execute gull control measures ultimately ensures a maximum success rate and a permanent elimination of roosting gulls from your premises.

Gull Deterrent Devices – Discouraging the presence of gulls can prove difficult when they aren’t restrained. Using appropriate equipment that accommodates to the necessary requirements to gull proof your premises is crucial, which is why we highly recommend utilising these devices; seagull spikes, netting and rubbish reduction.

Maintaining Your Seagull-Free Site

So, you’ve hired the experts and now you’re wondering how to keep your site free from Seagulls? Maintenance is just as important as the initial proofing of your premises, therefore we recommend sustaining your control methods to ensure complete removal of gulls.

Stop Feeding Seagulls – There is slight controversy regarding feeding these birds, some people will perceive this activity to be leisurely and recreational, whereas others recognise the problems that arise from this casual behaviour. Feeding these wild birds simply enables them to be more comfortable around humans which is why they nest in residential areas.

Waste Reduction – When carelessly dropping litter, it provides these creatures with an incentive to perch upon your property, encouraging more destruction and bother. It can also be harmful to their health as human food is not adequate nutrition and it is more than likely that they will consume toxic materials, such as plastic which can be fatal to their mortality.

Why Maintenance is Vital – The characteristics of seagulls can sometimes become troublesome and a danger to human health – posing safety risks upon not only your health, but also the destruction of your property which can become a growing inconvenience for those with businesses to run and houses to look after.

Bird Deterrent Solutions for a Pest Free Christmas

Bird Deterrent Solutions for a Pest Free Christmas

Birds can cause havoc when they aren’t controlled. Christmas is a time for happiness – you don’t need to feel stressed by the unpleasant mess birds can cause, instead you want to be enjoying your time spent with family and eating your delicious roast dinner. In this blog post we have listed some devices that will deter birds away forever – not just Christmas time!

Solution 1: Bird Spikes

One of the best long-term devices that is sure to discourage any feathered friend is Bird Spikes! Spikes were originally designed for Pigeons and other like-sized birds; however, we have recently seen an increase in a variety of pests and now these devices are becoming more versatile to suit different species. In no way do our Pigeon and Bird Spikes harm their welfare! Our range is humane and is installed to ultimately frighten the Pigeons from nesting on your property.

Bird spikes are both a visual and physical barrier to prevent birds from gaining access and perching on your ledge. We advise getting these installed by professionals like us! If you choose to install these spikes by yourself, this can become dangerous and the overall effectiveness could be lessened.

Solution 2: Reflective Tape

Yes, tape can help frighten all those nuisance birds away. However, you must purchase reflective tape as wrapping gaffer tape round your plants will unfortunately not do the job. To make sure you are purchasing the correct item, you’ll see that it’s printed with thousands of tiny, holographic squares that glint in various colours in the light.

Reflective tape also has a second function. Other than the glittering reflective light, the visual deterrent also has an audible element which startles the pests. In the wind the strips of tape make a slight crackling effect which confuses and scares the birds away. Around Christmas time we understand that money can be tight so if you’re looking for an affordable, yet effective bird repellent solution – this is the one for you.

Solution 3: Birds of Prey Hawk Kites

During the winter season there is no doubt that it is going to get darker, colder and windier and as a result Hawk Kites will be more suitable. This is because they will activate independently in strong winds and will therefore not require any assistance, leaving you time to enjoy the festive period. The reason why these Hawk Kites are so effective is due to their ever-changing flight pattern and their ability to mimic Birds of Prey.

These Kites can be spotted by birds from far away distances – meaning that they work from a wider radius range. Hawk Kites can be installed in any location where birds seek to settle. With a high rate of success many companies come to us to get these professionally fitted.

Solution 4: Bespoke Pigeon Netting

Have you recently put up your Christmas lights and are worried that our pigeon netting will disrupt them? Well, no fear, as Effective Bird Control are here – with our bespoke pigeon netting, you can be rid of pesky, nuisance birds in no time! This control method is a long term and permanent device that is used regularly. It will cover any large surface without being an eye-sore.

Our netting works by creating a physical barrier to ensure birds don’t nest or roost on your property. This specifically works during the winter period as birds seek a space that is warm and insulated. However, this isn’t a temporary solution. But, this service is highly rated and is very successful.

Christmas Bird Pest Services

At Effective Bird Control, we offer a series of different pest control services which could be beneficial to you should you be looking to reduce the population of pests causing harm in your garden, on your windows, on your roof and just generally causing chaos on your property. These services are practical and there have been several success stories as a result of the work our friendly and professional team put into controlling birds.

Some of the main services we implement are trapping to reduce flock, falconry control, nest removal and specialist cleaning for ghastly droppings on your property.

Have a Pest Free Christmas

With the services and devices Effective Bird Control employ, we will eliminate all pressure that these bird pests cause on your behalf – especially during a busy and stressful time of year, like Christmas.

If you feel that our services will be beneficial to you, contact us today by enquiring through our website or giving us a call on 01621 779823.

The Ultimate Guide To Bird Pest Control

The Ultimate Guide To Bird Pest Control

Have you been wondering how to get rid of pesky birds for a while now? If so, you’re in luck as this month’s blog will give you all the information needed to ensure your garden, workplace or property is no longer ridden with birds. Take a look at the following steps and hopefully, birds will no longer bother you!


What actually attracts the birds?

  • Nesting Spots: Most people think that birds only nest in wooded areas. However, many birds prefer to settle in properties that provide them with warmth and protection, especially during the bitter Winter season. As well as this, birds search for hidden and sealed areas to nest; making it harder for predators to reach them. Therefore, buildings are a perfect place to settle, as many predators prefer to live in farm and woodland.
  • Stable Food and Water Source: Naturally, this will attract birds as they are constantly seeking places that have a secure food and water source. You may not know it, but this is one of the biggest incentives that encourages birds to nest, in and around your property. Unfortunately you cannot prevent rain from soaking your turf and providing birds with a drink and an easy meal, such as digging up worms. Alternatively, any seed-based plants that you have grown on your property, will eventually need removing as birds will continue to feast on them.
  • Littering: Similar to food, birds will also be drawn to the extensive smells of your litter and trash! If they know that rubbish is dropped at a certain place on a regular basis, they are automatically going to want to plot themselves there for the time being. The reduction of rubbish will ultimately result in a decrease of unsightly droppings, intense noise and unwanted nuisances.

Expert Advice that is sure to scare your pests away!

Want a permanent solution to get rid of bothersome birds? Read on to hear our simple, yet effective tips, that are sure to help you out!

  • Bin It: Even if you can’t find a bin but have some rubbish you would like to get rid of, there is a simple solution. Put a plastic carrier bag in your hand bag and when you have some rubbish, place it in there and dispose of it when you find the nearest bin. It may sound obvious, but you will be amazed by the difference.
  • Visual Deterrents: Birds respond to a given stimulus in a different way to humans. They have binocular vision meaning they focus on one specific object at a time. Some of the most common products used to discourage birds include: Decoy Birds of Prey, Hawk Kites and Reflective Tape. Once a problem has been brought to your attention, immediate installation must take place to ensure a rate of success.
  • Audible Deterrents: A Birds hearing is highly sensitive, ranging from 1 kHz to 4 kHz, so it is important to make sure that the devices used will reach this range. Birds have an acute sound recognition, allowing them to detect the pitch and tone of predators. Our devices can be used to threaten and alarm your pests, simply by mimicking the sounds of predators.
  • Devices we install: Here at Effective Bird Control, we offer a cost effective and simple service delivering significant results. Some of our more popular devices include: pigeon spikes, pigeon netting and anti-roost wires, however there are many more services we offer. We recommend having these installed for you to guarantee success with repelling these infuriating creatures.

How to Keep them away

Think of it as a diet. If you eat healthy and exercise for 2 weeks, you will begin to see an improvement, but if after 2 weeks, you decide to give up, you will begin to start putting on weight again. The same as bird pest control, if you give up after 2 weeks, the birds will come flying back!

When you combine all these tips and tricks into one massive action plan, you can be sure that you no longer need to worry about these irritating creatures causing an annoyance. However, to ensure these birds stay away, you need to make sure you take a zero-tolerance approach when dealing with and tackling the problems people face with birds.

We can help you with this by providing a high-quality and professional service – our experts are specially trained in Bird Pest Control. If you are interested in a fast, affordable yet extremely efficient bird control service, then enquire today!