Birds can cause havoc when they aren’t controlled. Christmas is a time for happiness – you don’t need to feel stressed by the unpleasant mess birds can cause, instead you want to be enjoying your time spent with family and eating your delicious roast dinner. In this blog post we have listed some devices that will deter birds away forever – not just Christmas time!

Solution 1: Bird Spikes

One of the best long-term devices that is sure to discourage any feathered friend is Bird Spikes! Spikes were originally designed for Pigeons and other like-sized birds; however, we have recently seen an increase in a variety of pests and now these devices are becoming more versatile to suit different species. In no way do our Pigeon and Bird Spikes harm their welfare! Our range is humane and is installed to ultimately frighten the Pigeons from nesting on your property.

Bird spikes are both a visual and physical barrier to prevent birds from gaining access and perching on your ledge. We advise getting these installed by professionals like us! If you choose to install these spikes by yourself, this can become dangerous and the overall effectiveness could be lessened.

Solution 2: Reflective Tape

Yes, tape can help frighten all those nuisance birds away. However, you must purchase reflective tape as wrapping gaffer tape round your plants will unfortunately not do the job. To make sure you are purchasing the correct item, you’ll see that it’s printed with thousands of tiny, holographic squares that glint in various colours in the light.

Reflective tape also has a second function. Other than the glittering reflective light, the visual deterrent also has an audible element which startles the pests. In the wind the strips of tape make a slight crackling effect which confuses and scares the birds away. Around Christmas time we understand that money can be tight so if you’re looking for an affordable, yet effective bird repellent solution – this is the one for you.

Solution 3: Birds of Prey Hawk Kites

During the winter season there is no doubt that it is going to get darker, colder and windier and as a result Hawk Kites will be more suitable. This is because they will activate independently in strong winds and will therefore not require any assistance, leaving you time to enjoy the festive period. The reason why these Hawk Kites are so effective is due to their ever-changing flight pattern and their ability to mimic Birds of Prey.

These Kites can be spotted by birds from far away distances – meaning that they work from a wider radius range. Hawk Kites can be installed in any location where birds seek to settle. With a high rate of success many companies come to us to get these professionally fitted.

Solution 4: Bespoke Pigeon Netting

Have you recently put up your Christmas lights and are worried that our pigeon netting will disrupt them? Well, no fear, as Effective Bird Control are here – with our bespoke pigeon netting, you can be rid of pesky, nuisance birds in no time! This control method is a long term and permanent device that is used regularly. It will cover any large surface without being an eye-sore.

Our netting works by creating a physical barrier to ensure birds don’t nest or roost on your property. This specifically works during the winter period as birds seek a space that is warm and insulated. However, this isn’t a temporary solution. But, this service is highly rated and is very successful.

Christmas Bird Pest Services

At Effective Bird Control, we offer a series of different pest control services which could be beneficial to you should you be looking to reduce the population of pests causing harm in your garden, on your windows, on your roof and just generally causing chaos on your property. These services are practical and there have been several success stories as a result of the work our friendly and professional team put into controlling birds.

Some of the main services we implement are trapping to reduce flock, falconry control, nest removal and specialist cleaning for ghastly droppings on your property.

Have a Pest Free Christmas

With the services and devices Effective Bird Control employ, we will eliminate all pressure that these bird pests cause on your behalf – especially during a busy and stressful time of year, like Christmas.

If you feel that our services will be beneficial to you, contact us today by enquiring through our website or giving us a call on 01621 779823.