We supplied our Hawking Bird control service to Abellio Greater Anglia. A pest control company asked if we could provide an effective Pigeon control solution at a mainline rail station in Norwich, Norfolk. We conducted a Site survey and Costing and got underway. Harris hawks were flown inside the station under the canopy areas and station concourse, Persuading Feral pigeons from entering and depositing their droppings on the floor below. Two Feral pigeon traps were also included and placed in likely pigeon holding areas. Results were excellent, a great improvement with no pigeons seen on the station floor and numbers of pigeons entering as minimal. Harris hawks were flown Late evening and Early morning over a two month period. Traps caught a small number of birds and the Hawks did the rest. Shooting was used previously to cull the pigeons but proved inpractical and Non effective.

Since Hawks were brought in the Station is virtually Pigeon free with a lot less Pigeon droppings to clean up. Station staff still report Pigeon numbers as low and Hawking will be adopted from now on to control pigeons inside the station at Norwich.