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Bird Pest Control & Removal


Here at Effective Bird Control we are able offer the whole package, high-quality service, specialists with an experienced background and an advantageous method to control the number of pests causing damage to your work place. Our experts are complete with 25 years’ worth of experience in bird nest removal, allowing us to answer your questions without fault or hesitation.

Why and how Birds can become a problem?

Over time, birds will begin to cause problems – whether that be creating an abundance of mess, increasing the number of harmful diseases, forming damage to buildings, and being a general, unnecessary nuisance. Even though we are controlling the pests, all the services provided by us will ensure that the bird itself will not be harmed during the process – ‘we work with nature, not against it’.

Pigeons, Seagulls and Starlings are three of the most disruptive birds, causing trouble in several different environments; at home, your workplace and anywhere they can nest. The faeces they produce is one the main issues for many reasons. Firstly, the aesthetic aspect – you don’t want people to turn up at your home or office and it be covered in unsightly droppings and secondly, the long-term effect of having droppings blocking guttering and displacing roof tiles can become costly, creating more problems in the long run.

Bird Nest Removal

When it comes to the removal of bird nests, our carefully nominated Hawks and Falcons will provide an environmentally friendly option, and a persistent solution which will after one session be the beginning of getting these pests under control. Once the pests are under control, it is important that the sessions stay regular as this will lead to a further increase in success. The choice of Hawk or Falcon is dependent on the site they will be flying in – our specialists are trained in these areas and will provide the best service possible to ensure your problems can be solved.

If you have been waiting on trying to find a solution to your pest problems, it is best to get it sorted quickly otherwise the rate of recovery will decrease and the time taken to solve the problem will increase.


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If you are interested in the services we offer here at Effective Bird Control, enquire using our contact form and one of our trained specialists will get back to you. At Effective Bird Control, we try and like to respond to any bird pest related queries or situations within 24 hours.

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