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Anti-Bird Measures

Effective Bird Control provide a comprehensive array of bird deterrent measures, including pigeon spikes, anti-roost wire and hawk kites. Our operatives understand the effectiveness and limitations of each product, and we will carefully choose the most suitable bird proofing solution to deal with your request. All our work is guaranteed and if found that our measures have failed, we will reinstall a suitable alternative at no extra cost.

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We provide a free site survey and estimate and uniquely can predict the most suitable areas to fit the chosen bird deterrent product. As professional and experience Ornithologists, we understand the behaviour patterns and most likely loafing areas of the avian pest species involved so we can save the client extra costs in the relocation of incorrectly placed products.

All our operatives are I.P.A.F. trained and we are qualified to operate a comprehensive range of high access equipment, ensuring piece of mind. Installations can be carried out outside of normal working hours to minimise disruption to your staff and business. We provide a range of specialist pigeon deterrent services, including pigeon spikes, anti-roost wire, pigeon netting and hawk kites.


Pigeon Spikes

Pigeon spikes are a humane method of preventing pigeons and birds from landing and roosting on ledges, roofs and buildings. They also protect linear surfaces including ridge tiles, ledges, gutters and pipes, and prevent birds from causing mess and noise.

Anti-roosting pigeon spokes are considered to be the most efficient and most cost-effective pigeon exclusion device available in the pest control marketplace. Pigeon spikes are renowned for their versatility in terms of application and ease of installation, making them the best-selling anti-roosting service available.


Anti-Roost Wire

Anti-roost wire is the perfect solution for high profile buildings with a slight pigeon infestation that requires a discreet bird control deterrent. The wire is discreet, humane and highly-effective for use on ledges, beams, signs and other long surfaces. The wire creates an uneven landing surface, forcing the pests away from the treated areas to find somewhere else to roost. The tensioned wires have a very low visual impact on the appearance of the building as it’s discreet and nearly-invisible from a distance.


Pigeon Netting

Pigeon netting is proven to be a reliable long-term solution for protecting valuable crops against scavenging pigeons or to deal with feral invasions in an urban environment.
Pigeon netting is one of the most requested control systems and when installed correctly, it can be a very successful deterrent system to protect buildings and structures from all types of urban birds, including pigeons and seagulls.


Hawk Kites

Hawk kites are the first-choice bird scarer of bird control and pest control specialists as they’re a safe, easy and cost-effective way to chase away pest birds and reduce damage to crops, buildings and any location where pest birds are present.

Hawk kites soar high in the sky, so they can be seen by birds approaching from long distances. They’re highly effective as they work on the birds’ natural fear of prey birds and are cost effects and durable. Unlike other pigeon scaring devices, a hawk kite is always changing its flight pattern, speed and height depending on the strength of the win, so birds never become accustomed to a hawk kite.

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