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We work with nature, not against it

What We Do?

Blackwater Falconry/Effective Bird Control provide an efficient and thorough removal of Bird waste as well as disinfecting the contaminated areas. Pigeon droppings or more accurately termed Pigeon Guano can contain a number of harmful bacteria’s which can be passed on to ourselves, from London to Scotland we provide nationwide coverage and Free site surveys..

Bird Hygiene/Specialist Cleaning

Blackwater Falconry/Effective Bird Control specializes in the flying of Hawks and Falcons to reduce pigeon populations in an urban area. We have flown our Harris Hawks in many cities in the uk; although the city of London remains our stronghold. We have over 20 years experience in this field and our services are carried out in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, along with free site surveys.

Bird Pest Control

From bird spikes to nets we can install the full range of anti bird measures and deterrents. Spikes, netting, pin wire, kites and blank firing devices are all popular forms of pigeon deterrents we can supply and install to prevent nesting and roosting of Feral Pigeons. We carry out free site surveys and method statements, with free advice on how best to protect your premises from pest birds.

Anti-bird Measures

We offer a discreet, fast and efficient trapping and removal service of feral pigeons from your premises. Trapping can be the most effective measure in the right location and teamed with our popular long and short term hawk flying service contracts, we can add the flexibility of having the two pigeon control options work side by side to great effect. With nationwide coverage and free site surveys its a combination that’s hard to match.

Trapping/Flock Reduction


The gull control has been very successful since you have been on site this year.

Brian Jefferys, SMP PLC

The initial work comprised the removal of deposits of pigeon guano and cleaning of gutters and drains and the installation anti bird spikes along the guttering of the church. This work was carried out very efficiently with minimal fuss and disruption. Subsequently we have had pigeon traps placed on the roof of the church to capture the flock of birds. This has proved to be quite effective and a number of birds have been caught and removed. Upon notification that there are birds in the trap the operatives attend promptly to remove them.

Robert Palmer, Basildon

The gull control has been very successful since you have been on site this year.

Brian Jefferys, SMP PLC

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