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We work with nature, not against it

Bird Control Specialists in Essex


Effective Bird Control has been providing Bird Pest Control services since 1996 in Essex, with over 25 years’ experience of flying hawks and falcons.

We offer a wide range of bird control prevention solutions to stop pigeons, seagulls and other types of birds from roosting and fouling on buildings and structures. We provide cost-effective and long-lasting bird prevention solutions to help protect buildings and structures from birds perching, nesting and fouling.

Our comprehensive bird pest control services are effective at eradicating problems from public sector buildings, shopping centres, schools, supermarkets, offices and many others.


Our Values


We pride ourselves on our client retention and effectiveness of our bird control measures. We are leading specialists in bird control and we are proud to be an Environmental Services company that only deals with pest control: working with nature NOT against it is our calling card.

We use natural deterrents to effectively deal with feral pigeons, urban gulls and pest birds that can create a health and safety issue within the urban environment. Our bird control services are carried out by our team of Harris hawks and falcons, flown by our experienced bird controllers. The aim is to scare the birds, not to capture. Our services include creating a predatory presence within the pest bird infested area, regular visits to move the flock of pest birds away and reducing the amount of pigeon and gull droppings that can build up on the site.


Effective Bird Control Methods


Effective Bird Control employs natural methods to deal with the ever-increasing sprawl of the urban gull. We are a long-established provider of Falconry response services to large Blue-chip companies and councils, succeeding where other bird control companies fail. Our 25 years’ experience in flying hawks and falcons allows us to match the correct hawk and falcons, Haris Hawks, Peregrine Falcon and Hybrid Falcons. Click here to read more

Feral pigeons are controlled using an array of anti-bird measures. Long-term pigeon removal and most effective measures is falconry control and flock reduction using solutions such as traps. A pigeon flock size can be reduced by visiting the site and flying Harris hawks on a regular basis. Control of feral pigeons using these methods has proven effective on a number of diverse sites we have treated; other deterrents include spiking of roosting areas, pigeon spikes and anti-roost wire and netting to limit access to a certain area and lastly hawk kites that are generally erected on site once treatment by flying a Harris hawk on site has ceased. All the deterrents listed for feral pigeons are currently being implemented on bird pest infestation sites we service.

The flying of a trained hawk to deter bird pest infestations is an environmentally friendly form of bird control. Hawks flown on site provide a natural form of relocation and pest control will not feel safe with their main predators flying free within their environments. The results are that pest birds will establish a roost elsewhere using a green form of pest control which will prove beneficial for your business. Hawks and falcons commonly used for falconry bird control and specialist cleaning services we provide along with videos, image gallery and past and present clients listed. is owned and run by Michael Hall, a keen Ornithologist and Falconer with a host of experience, who is always there to provide help and reassurance of his clients.

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What We Do?


The gull control has been very successful since you have been on site this year.

Brian Jefferys, SMP PLC 22/04/17

The initial work comprised the removal of deposits of pigeon guano and cleaning of gutters and drains and the installation anti bird spikes along the guttering of the church. This work was carried out very efficiently with minimal fuss and disruption. Subsequently we have had pigeon traps placed on the roof of the church to capture the flock of birds. This has proved to be quite effective and a number of birds have been caught and removed. Upon notification that there are birds in the trap the operatives attend promptly to remove them.

Robert Palmer, Basildon 09/02/09

The hawking and pigeon cages were a great success last year and we have considerably reduced the amount of pigeons. We are coming into exam season and would like a refresh of running the hawk and have a couple of cages on the roof.

Gary Morgan, Blackfen School for girls 22/04/17

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